Discover Wakayama! Photos of "和歌山" & south Osaka(南大阪)

Wakayama prefecture is 1 hour from KIX Kansai airport, I will write information many good places about Wakayama prefectures. enjoy! & South Osaka is very close to Kansai airport.there are many beautiful places.

Wakayama prefecture

Wakayama prefecture is south end of Honsyu island of japan.besides pacific ocean and higher mountains.
weather is warm, but some are got snowy like world heritage Koyasan buddhist temple .

area total 4,725.67 km2 but that is occupied mountains so population is under 1,000,000-.
more latest information : Wikipedia about Wakayama Prefecture
I born in wakayama prefecture and at age 5,move to south Osaka.

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